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Vision/Brand Slogan

We Are Materializing Tomorrow

Creating superior solutions with continuous investments in innovative technologies to provide higher value
and a cleaner environment for humanity.

Advanced materials company that
protects the values of humanity
and the environment

Brand SloganSeeds of Tomorrow
Brand EssenceMaterializing
Catalyst for
Products and solutions of the highest
quality that are essential
for our customers.
Serving customers with
passion and dedication.
Placing trust and loyalty first.
Never settling for the status quo.
Always rising to new challenges.

Quality Growth 2020

Our achievements as a globally renowned advanced materials company reflect bold investments into cutting-edge materials development,
backed by strategic, long-term decision making that constantly sharpens our focus and solidifies our expertise.
Our overseas production facilities and networks in Europe, China, and North America are critical in our efforts to increase sales
and help Hanwha Group achieve its Quality Growth 2020 vision.

New Growth
Solar Energy
Lead in responding to the
challenges of energy depletion
and climate change
Holistic Services
Lead in enhancing every aspect
of life from financial security to
leisure and health.
Chemicals & Materials
Provide better values for the
lives of mankind through
future technologies.
Focus on growth and
value-added businesses.
Become a partner for
growth in local markets.
Foster synergy between
affiliates on all levels.