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Global Network

Global Network to Meet Customers

We continue to expand our network and enhance our ability to respond to customer demand
for parts standardization and worldwide sourcing.


Our Korean headquarters is our primary production base, playing a crucial role in technology development and expanding contact points with customers. Our Sejong plant manufactures lightweight composites for automotive and electronics materials, while our Eumseong plant manufactures solar materials. We also maintain an R&D-based lightweight materials development center in Korea, giving us a strong foundation on which to expand our business and focus on our strengths as we continue to grow as a global and cutting-edge advanced materials company.

Sejong Head Office and Plant image

Sejong Office and Plant

Lightweight Composite Materials Development Center image

Lightweight Composite Materials Development Center

Eumseong Plant image

Eumseong Plant

Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division
Head Office
  • 86, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul,
    Republic of Korea
  • TEL 82.2.729.2100
  • FAX 82.2.729.2146
Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division
Sejong Office
  • 79-20, Geumhoangol-gil, Bugang-myeon, Sejong-si, 30077,
    Republic of Korea
  • TEL
  • FAX
Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division
Eumseong Plant
  • 1329, Daegeum-ro, Geumwang-eup, Eumseong-gun,
    Chungcheongbuk-do, 27632, Republic of Korea
  • TEL 82.43.880.2000
  • FAX 82.43.880.2109
Lightweight Composite Materials Development Center
  • 155, Gongdan-ro, Yeonseo-myeon, Sejong-si, 30058,
    Republic of Korea
  • TEL 82.44.410.3000


We opened our first automotive component materials plant in Alabama of the US in 2006, and acquired Azdel, a global leader of LWRT materials, in 2007. In 2014, we built an EPP manufacturing facility in Michigan. Furthermore, in order to reach the Mexican market, one of the largest auto producers in Latin America, Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division opened a new subsidiary in Mexico in 2016 to explore new opportunities.

HAUS(Subsidiary in USA) image

HAUS(Subsidiary in USA)

AZDEL image


HAMX(Subsidiary in Mexico) image

HAMX(Subsidiary in Mexico)


NABC(North America Business Center)

Hanwha Advanced Materials
America LLC (HAUS)
Opelika Plant(HAUS)
  • 4400 Northpark Drive, Opelika, AL 36801, USA
  • TEL 1.334.741.7725
  • FAX 1.334.741.7796
Shelby Plant (HAUS)
  • 925 Washburn Switch Rd, Shelby, NC 28150, USA
  • TEL 1.704.434.2271
  • FAX 1.704.434.7465
Monroe Plant (HAUS)
  • 1530 E Front St, Monroe, MI 48161, USA
  • TEL 1.734.457.5600
  • FAX 1.734.457.9894
Hanwha AZDEL, Inc.
  • 2000 Enterprise Drive, Forest, VA 24551, USA
  • TEL 1.434.363.8947
  • FAX 1.434.386.6532
Hanwha Advanced Materials
Mexico S. De R.L. De C.V. (HAMX)
  • Prolongación Avenida Tecnológico #1345 Fraccionamiento Monterrey Technology Park Ciénega de Flores, NL. 65550 Mexico
  • TEL 52.81.5000.9243
North America
Business Center
  • 2200 Centerwood Dr. Warren, MI 48091, USA
  • TEL 1.586.486.1142
  • FAX 1.586.486.1145


Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division began to tap into the growth potential of China’s automobile market with the establishment of automotive component plants in Beijing (2004), Shanghai (2006), and Chongqing (2017). Our Chinese subsidiaries manufacture various lightweight composite materials and components, including GMT, EPP, LWRT, and LFT, and count both major Chinese and global automakers as clientele. We are putting our top-tier, innovative technologies to use to expand client partnerships, and we continue to anticipate and meet customer needs by strengthening our manufacturing capacity.

HASH(Subsidiary in Shanghai) image

HASH(Subsidiary in Shanghai)

HABJ(Subsidiary in Beijing) image

HABJ(Subsidiary in Beijing)

HACQ(Subsidiary in Chongqing) image

HACQ(Subsidiary in Chongqing)

Hanwha Advanced Materials
Beijing Co.,Ltd. (HABJ)
  • Zhongguancun Science Park (East Sector), Changping Zone 4 Lixiang Road, Beijing 102200, China
  • TEL 86.185.1325.2095
  • FAX 86.10.6073.5459
Hanwha Advanced Materials
Shanghai Co., Ltd. (HASH)
  • Jiading Industrial Zone, 1201 Xingrong Road,
    Shanghai 201807, China
  • TEL 86.21.3996.3996
Hanwha Advanced Materials
Chongqing Co., Ltd. (HACQ)
  • No.2 Fengshi Road, Shichuan Town, Yubei District,
    Chongqing, 401139, China
  • TEL 86.188.7509.1250


Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division made its first foray into Europe with the construction of an automotive materials plant in the Czech Republic in 2009. We continue to maintain close partnerships with automakers in Europe and, in 2015, we acquired Heycoustics, a German automotive component manufacturer specializing in thermoforming. We renamed it Hanwha Advanced Materials Germany, and it has already bolstered our European operations in terms of production, research and development, and overall sales.

HAEU(Subsidiary in Europe) image

HAEU(Subsidiary in Europe)

HAGE(Subsidiary in Germany) image

HAGE(Subsidiary in Germany)

Hanwha Advanced Materials
Europe, s.r.o. (HAEU)
  • Příborská 280, Chlebovice, 739 42 Frýdek-Místek,
    Česká republika
  • TEL 420.552.304.608
  • FAX 420.552.304.619
Hanwha Advanced Materials
Germany GmbH (HAGE)
  • Industriestraße 27, 92345 Dietfurt, Germany
  • TEL 49.8464.6423.0
  • FAX 49.8464.6423.44